Thursday, January 22, 2009


Now that I've had 6 hours of sleep, 8 horrific hours of work, (where I basically found out that what I've been working on for 3 days, is no longer needed and nobody told me, and what I should have been doing is now a week from being due), some dinner, some ping pong, and several reads from various LOST fan sites, I am ready to go back and reanalyze the show last night.

First, we start out with a couple in bed and a baby crying. The woman is Asian, and we never see the man, as he gets up and turns on Willie Nelson and then begins taking care of the child. If you haven't read the LOST Dueling Analysis at Washington Post you really should. In which Liz and Jen posit some interesting theory's which I will steal now. For starters they contend that the baby is Jin, they believe this because a) the parents are Asian, as the man turns out to be none other than Dr. Candle. b)They also say that the mother is the same actress who showed up and tried to bribe Sun about his parentage. I think this is a really good theory, and it brings up some interesting things. For instance when the ship blew up it was mid-ship, the tail end - where Jin was at the time, did not blow up initially and there would have been time for him to be in the water.

We also see Daniel at the Dharma station the Orchid posing as an employee. He looks exactly the same as he does now, we don't know if he is time traveling, we do know that he has to play by the rules and cannot effect what is happening, except that later in the show we find out that the woman he loves, Charlotte, is having the same symptoms that Makowski and then Desmond had, so he maybe trying to change things anyway.

Kate is next up she is visited by Lawyers who want her blood and Aaron's to prove blood relation. Liz and Jen disagree here, one says Sun is behind it, the other Ben. I'm going to have to go with Ben too. I think he is trying to get her to agree to go back and the best way is going to be to keep Kate running, that's what she does. I mean after three years she keeps a gun and cash at the ready for just such an occasion.

Sayid and Hurley are the next up. Hurley starts out by saying on the Penny's boat when everyone wants to lie and he doesn't, he tells Sayid he won't forget that he let him down and someday Sayid will need him and he won't be there for him. But then 3 years later, when Sayid is hit by tranquilizing darts (why not kill him? who is behind this? is Widmore trying to collect the 6 to get back to the island?) Hurley doesn't let him down. Several sites I read comment on the fact that Hurley says he won't be there for him, but they fail to remark on the fact that to let his friend down is just not in Hurley, he can say it, but he could never do it.

Hurley is visited by Ana Lucia, and tells Hurley to buck up, clean up and get Sayid somewhere safe. She also tells him that Libby says hi.

Later Hurley unburdens his lies to his mother and she listens, she tells him she doesn't understand but she believes him. I'm glad she said this, I was worried she be judgemental as she has been in the past. But if you know anything at all about Hurley you know he prefers the truth and cares deeply about his friends. This is why I find him to be the most heroic of all the characters. He reminds me of Samwise from Lord of the Rings.

Sayid is taken to Jack, who now suddenly clean and sober, and with apparent hospital privileges takes Sayid there and revives him. I think the plan all along was for Sayid to deliver Hurley without Hurley realizing it. I think Sayid still works for Ben, I don't recall anything to make me believe he did not. The man outside the mental institution was probably from Widmores team, and now that Hurley has gotten himself arrested it will interesting to see who gets him out first.

Back on the Island, the remaining cast aways are stuck in the skipping record of time, as Daniel tells it. Locke is right away in trouble, gets shot by Ethan. Sees the plan that Echo's brother crashed in. Richard finally shows up and gives him a compass and tells him next time you see me I won't recognize you so give me the compass.

Out on the beach, we have Daniel trying to find out where in time they are, Charlotte bleeding from the nose and having headaches, Miles hunting bore with his bare hands, Bernard and Rose tyring to build a fire, Juliet and Sawyer checking out the zodiac raft, and some annoying guy that finds his ass burned by flaming sticks. Later Juliet and Sawyer trying to get to the others that were fleeing the flaming swords, are accosted by three men in uniform who want to know what they are doing on there island and how many more there are. Rocks and knives start flying and Locke shows up. Jen and Liz note as did all females watching that Sawyer spends the first hour shirtless and as they call it winking throughout the episode as he keeps asking/demanding a shirt.

The one last thing is that Daniel also beats on the hatch door to get Desmond's attention (he lies to Sawyer about this later), tells him to go to Oxford and find his mother. We find out later that Daniels mother is Mrs. Hawking, the lady from a previous episode that told Desmond that he could not marry Penny, that he had to go to the island. I was also trying to remember the episode when we first meet Daniel, he is at home watching the phony crash of 815 on TV and very upset, someone is with him, I don't recall who that was, could it have been his mother?

The last scene is with Mrs. Hawking and Ben. She tells Ben he has 70 hours to get them back or god help us all.

So, Jin could be Dr. Candles kid and was born or lived on the Island before
Kate is on the run again
Jack and Sayid are together, but are they both on Ben's side?
Sun is still after the other man who killed Jin (Jack? Ben? Widmore?)
Hurley is in Jail
Juliet, Sawyer, Locke, Daniel, Charlotte, Miles are all unstuck in time
Ben is still plotting and planning
Desmond is on his way to Oxford

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