Friday, June 26, 2009

baby racoons

Today the third day of a nasty flu that has kept me sick in bed, I am finally feeling well enough to move around, by noon I was tired and ready for yet another nap. Seems like sleep is all I've done for the past 72 hours, but I was willing to do it until I got it right.

Out my kitchen window I spy two small racoons ambling along on tiny legs with backends impossibly large and faces only a mother could love, speaking of mothers I wondered where was theirs. I watched them for several minutes and then let Max my faithful animal control cat keep an eye on them. It didn't take long for me to see that the racoons were making there way around the house, as Max ran from room to room looking out.

Soon the racoons came to rest in front of my garage. Two little exhausted bundles about the size of large grapefruits. I've contacted animal control, been transferred to fish and wildlife and simply put nobody cares. Racoons are expendable. They are like squirrels or worms or LBB's (little brown birds). Dime a dozen. And so here we are, the greasy neighborhood teens standing outside of their house smoking and drinking and two little racoons sleeping at my garage door, me sick with the flu and my cats not sure what to make of any of this.