Wednesday, January 21, 2009


How will they all get back to the island? Jack is onboard, but Hurley and Sayid, know that you cannot trust Ben and what is Ben up to? I think the old woman is both the lady from the episode a few seasons back that convinced Desmond that he had to let Charlie die and I think she is Daniel's mother that Desmond is heading to Oxford to see.

I do not understand why they are stuck in the time loop and what bringing the six that left is going to do. What about people like Jin, Michael and Walt? they left the island too. Why was important for them to be on the plane, but not kept alive or even allowed to leave the island.

Karl thinks that Richard Widmore was the leader of the others before Ben, but I think he has something to do with the Dharma Initiative. I don't see Mr. Widmore running around the jungle. I think he was trying to harness the energy from the island.

So many questions - Dr. Chen/Halifax etc. Sun/Widmore. I thought she believed that her father and Mr. Widmore were responsible for Jin's death, but maybe she does believe it is Jack. Who is Richard Alpert? I could go on and on, but it is after 11 and duty and sleep call.

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