Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Rain's Came

And the rains came down.... it has been raining for hours and hours. The rivers are swelling, the homes flooding and still the rains come down. There is no end in sight and the weather is extreme, and everyone talks as if this is normal, as if we are suppose to have a pineapple express every year, as if climate change can not be recognized, cannot be real. Smart and learned people speak of how climate change cannot be for small and minor, but it is the very small and minor that builds to change that over time results in the major. What we do now will always have an affect. It will cause change. Time does not wait for us to figure out who to blame, we are running furiously towards the sun and yet in the notion of time that speed is not felt and we do not notice the heat, the change. We go about our lives and never notice how we have reached the horizon and there is yet another horizon.

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