Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back to work

What a day, I really like my job, it's not the prettiest office that I've worked at. It doesn't have all the latest and greatest gadgets. It isn't easy to get to. It doesn't pay great. But it does make me feel good and tired at the end of the day. So many things to do, I have trouble keeping track of everything, and I'm one of those people that if I have to stop and write down everything that needs to be done, then that is time that I could be doing something.

My direct supervisor is Jolene, she is at least 16 years younger then me, and she does have a youthful exuberance that is exhausting at times, and she does have an attitude that she has it all figured out, and she does have an opinion on everything, but mostly she's happy and joyful to be around, she laughs a lot and doesn't take life to seriously. My other boss is Gretchen, the executive director of Harmony Hill, she is an amazing woman. I feel like I've known her forever and she is so sweet and kind with a true blessing heart and cares so much about everyone she meets. She is also exhausting, because she gets her mind wrapped around something and she can't let go and she usually has her mind wrapped around everything.

My other new favorite thing to do HOOPNOTICA - If you haven't tried it you really should, so much fun. I absolutely love it. I just hope I figure out all the moves, but so far for being a total clutz I'm doing ok. Check it out at www.hoopnotica.com

Who knows when I'm going to get back to studies, I'm hoping tonight..... but what about ping-pong!!!! Last night we laughed so hard I'm not sure if my stomach hurt from the hooping or the laughing.....who cares it's all good.

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