Thursday, January 08, 2009


Today was a day of interesting moments. I work in the office of a cancer retreat center. It is a truly amazing place, I'd heard about it for years and wanted to be involved with it, but things came up and life goes on. Then through a series of events I found myself at a company I loved but a job I hated. The economy was tanking and I was a collector. I knew I needed to get out, but to what? another job I would hate? Then by chance I was on Craigs List messing around and the job just appeared, there it was Harmony Hill. The job was for Office Coordinator, I knew I was over-qualified, but I really hated my job and this was Harmony Hill. I applied and was hired.

Part of my job is to be assistant to the executive director, Gretchen Schodde is an amazing woman. One of the first Nurse Practitioners in the Country, she and and one other woman were the very first. She started this Retreat Center with a dream and a prayer, and the good wishes of all who meet her. The is so genuine, so loving, so real. Nobody who meets her goes away without feeling better. The other part of my job is to be the assistant to the development director where I assist her in grant writing.

This is where things get interesting for me. I've always wanted to write. I've always wanted to make a contribution, make a difference. But through a series of bad choices in my life, I didn't find myself on the path to making any of this happen. I even trained as a massage therapist and did that for several years thinking this was where I could serve. As it turns out all of my skills are both needed and useful at Harmony Hill. For one thing I am writing a lot more personally. I have been writing for my course that I'm taking, and I have taken classes in grant writing and feel that I am being useful here too. Now I find out that Gretchen is planning on writing a book about Harmony Hill, I am hopeful that she will write a book about her life too or within this book. And I am her assistant. I will be there as she makes this happen and I know she will make this happen.

I said a little thank you prayer today for bringing me to Harmony Hill, for all the paths that led me to this place and for finally knowing that yes - I can write, I am writing, I can make this happen.

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