Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Though my voice is drowned out by the myriad of voices today, still I live in a great country at an amazing time, where I can voice my opinion. Thanks to the generosity from a truly wonderful employer I was gifted the most amazing thing today - Time. I was able to stay home and watch history on television.

I loved every single tradition, every single foible, every single moment of the peaceful transfer of power. I loved Mrs. Obama's beautiful dress and coat in such a rich lovely color, I loved, the way the girls looked so proper and proud, and little Sasha with the mischievous look in her eye, even while she sat quietly. I loved the way Mrs. Clinton greeted George Bush Senior, it truly seemed genuine and if it was not, then that is OK too. I loved the warm greeting that President and Mrs. Bush gave to Barack and Michelle. I loved the way Joe Biden looked so strong and purposeful, striding out of the White house with cranky potteresque Cheney in his wheelchair. I loved the way President Bush high fived the coordinator at the Capitol as he walked by. I loved that President Barack Obama called on me to stand up, to take back what I'd allowed to be lost, to stop blaming and start doing. I loved that he didn't call me a consumer or a tax payer, but a Citizen in the same way that he is a Citizen. I loved the man on the street that cried when Obama was sworn in and just kept saying "is this a great country or what"

Thank you America for giving us this moment, thank you forefathers for knowing this was possible, thank you soldiers from the revolution to Iraq for believing it was worth the fight. Thank you Barack Obama, for answering the call, my I have your courage, your humility, your wisdom to do what is right, and act when called.

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