Friday, January 02, 2009

Bill Moyers Journal and the Black Hole that is Port Orchard Washington

Bill Moyers is the kind of great man that comes along all to rarely. A man of keen insight and a powerful grasp of language and abuse of power. Tonight he interviewed John Lithgow and it was beautiful. Oh to hear good poetry read by someone who knows how to read it. Sheer beauty, the most beautiful of musics. For an inspiring website this is the place to go.

Black holes - vast and deep and pulling us faster and faster inward, great science fiction writers build the worlds, tell the science of how they project. But all of us know what a black hole is. At sometime we have all felt its pull, felt its darkness swallow us up.

In December we had a major snowstorm in Washington, at my home we had around 14 to 18 inches, it was a frozen winter wonderland and a traveling mess. And while the world around me was white, the place that I lived became a dark mass of nothingness, unable to be seen by UPS drivers, garbage men, the post office, county road crews....the list goes on. Now two weeks after the storm, slowly service has been restored.....except for UPS and Waste Management, they still cannot see me, they still look at the map of Port Orchard and see a vast black hole....but I am here and despite the loveliness of words all around. I am pissed off. I do not like to be this angry, I do not like to be the ugly American and my anger is all the more acute, all the more dangerous, all the more available for viewing.

To note my accomplishments of this day....Finished, printed and mailed assignment #1 and have read some of the reading materials for assignment #2. I have all the pieces cut for my apron. And I developed two story ideas today. I was busy all day, this being my day home alone, but the day seemed to fly by. I also paid the bills and completed our bookkeeping budget for the week this took a very long time as it was first influx of cash in awhile and I had to make sure all was accounted for. Only getting paid once a month can be hard.

This is all for tonight....Tomorrow is another day.

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