Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Writers Digest University Sucks

So I'm in week three of my class, the first week seemed to be going well, except I thought it was odd that the teacher only had 5 students and didn't really have anything to say to any of us, she doesn't respond to questions posed to her and does not seem open to interaction at all. As for the lessons, well they are very good, but only because of the textbook which I already owned so why did I pay $300 dollars for them to post lessons that I already have and then ignore my responses. It is now Wednesday night of the third week and no response on my last assignment, wouldn't I want to have that fairly quickly so I can incorporate her great teachings into the next session? The work is good though at least I am making progress on my own. I guess I will just have to work harder for myself and leave the classwork for those with more money than ideas.

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