Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Tonight some things start to come together on LOST. Daniel makes the statement that the people who start to have bloody noses, seems to be in direct relation to how long they have been on the island. Charlotte was first, then Miles and then Juliet. It seems that Miles too was on the Island before. So the theory that Jin is the baby, is probably incorrect and is most likely Miles, however, that doesn't explain the Mom/woman that goes to blackmail Sun later. I would suspect that they were twins.

Claires mom shows up to pick up a settelment check from Oceanic, but Kate and Jack believe that she knows about Aaron. As it turns out Ben is the one behind it all. Trying to manipulate Kate into going back. I still don't know for sure who keeps trying to drug Syiad but I suspect Ben again.

Hurley is in Jail, but should be out soon, thanks to Ben.

Our time travelers are jumping too and fro on the island, Sawyer sees Kate helping Claire deliver her baby in the jungle. This was a great scene. He loves Kate, and he felt like a big brother to Claire and he lost them both, the raw pain in his face was very real. Then we jump backward 16 years to when a pregnant Rousseau and her crew land on the island in a storm, there is a body floating on the water guess what - it is Jin!

Also note I labled last weeks show incorrectly it should have been 5.3

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