Sunday, January 18, 2009

My themes

Question from the book: Writing to Change the World (Pipher, Mary): What points do you repeatedly make to those you love?

This is an interesting question, not just in trying to honestly answer it, but in realizing, I don't have a lot of loved ones, or even acquaintances, with whom I would try to make a point. Karl is the only one I have ever known or been in contact with that ever let me finish a thought, he too will challenge me if he does not agree, but he does not try to change my mind, or assume I am not as smart him if my answer is different.

But in terms of themes, I do come back again and again, to making a decision, it has always been crazy making for me when people cannot make a decision. It always seems that those in charge are the worst 'deciders'. I am also a person who champions the underdog. I do not like injustice at all. At one job I had there was this woman Sally, who while nice enough as a person, was a terrible supervisor. She was sure everyone was out to get her and me in particular. We butted heads repeatedly. But after promising her the Head position for over a year the Administration decided that she wasn't qualified, and while they did not fire her, they did make her life miserable for some time and actually asked, persuaded and bullied her into quitting. I was furious, and while my job was secure and it was assumed I would get her position, but I quit because I knew I could never work for a company that would treat someone that way, not the least reason, because who knew when it would be me?

I expect people to be good, it is easy to fool me because I always assume the best in people. I think as heart people are nice and kind and care for each other. It always shocks me when I see callousness. I do not watch reality TV because that is not the reality I choose to live in.

I also believe in all the rights in our constitution. I believe them to apply to me as a woman, to black men and women, to Asians, Hispanics, gays, and everyone I am forgetting. I don't need it to say that I just know it to be true. This is a theme that is constantly on my radar, as it is so easy to forget that we all live under the same umbrella of freedom, so easy to think us vs them.

These are the themes I am thinking about tonight. I think this is the kind of question that I can come back to again and again as it will always be refined and expanded, at least I hope to always be growing and learning.

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