Friday, January 16, 2009


Today has been a long day. By Friday I'm totally fried. I'm not sure why except that this job is not like any other job I've had. A lot seems to be riding on if I can perform well, and yet even as I think this or write this I know it is ridiculous. If I fail, or if I leave well it really doesn't make much difference. But if feels like it will and I also like everyone that I work with. This has never happened before, usually I like one or two people and I tolerate a couple others and like one if I'm lucky, sometimes nobody.

It also has been a rather emotional couple of weeks. It is hard not to reflect on the last eight years and be hopeful for the first time. And I am hopeful. I do really feel like things might be better soon. Also it is the way we hand over the country from one president to the next. It is all so peaceful. My only regret is that I don't get to have a piece of the moment. I would love to at least be home to watch it on TV. Thank goodness for NPR!

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