Monday, January 26, 2009


I received my story back from my instructor today and while I knew it was not my best work, chiefly I knew the ending was lame, and I felt there were a couple of characters that didn't get the full treatment they deserved. My instructor felt the same way and also said I had several run on sentences. Well that is certainly true and definitely need to be schooled in this area and that is why I took the class. But the good news is she liked my story. Liked my characters. She seems to believe I can become the writer that I want to be. This is very exciting to me. I am working hard to make this happen, it is difficult to do everything. I know that taking on the 6 week UltraMind program is not convenient, but my health is out of whack and without doing my best to get this under control I will not be able to write or work or live. I have a lot to say and I can't say it if my brain is fogged up with my addiction to sugar. It is time I took my health seriously and I need to be focused to do this.

So, this week I must rewrite my first story, using my instructors changes. Next I must finish my second story, which is done, but needs to be reworked and I need to incorporate what I learn from rewriting the first story with my new story. Karl is being very understanding. I even read to him my new story, I did not let him read it as then he is too critical, but he seemed to like it. Anyway this is what I will be doing this week.

Also will try to make bread again this weekend. Soon I will have to give up bread for a time and I want to try baking it one last time.

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