Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Fresh Start: A New Year and a Birthday

Today I am 46. I've been working at Harmony Hill now for 90 days (www.harmonyhill.org) and today we reached a huge fundraising goal. It was a good day, as always Karl made my day special. It was a weird start though, we got out early as Karl was taking me to breakfast and then driving me to work. It was fine driving out to Alderbrook, but then when we pulled into the parking lot, everything became a solid sheet of ice. Then later when we left, the roads had all turned to ice, and the driveway to Harmony Hill was ice. Karl had to drop me off at the bottom of the hill. I nearly slid right back down to the bottom on my ass at one point.

Today I am launching a new project, about a week ago I was at the www.myrecipes.com website and I saw a link for "15 things to cook before you die" I thought that's it, that is my project for next year. A couple years ago I challenged myself to learn Vietnamese cooking. I can't say that I'm fluent in it, but I learned a lot and it was fun. So I downloaded all the recipes and I'm ready to get started. However, I've already decided that some changes will have to be made to their selections. For instance 1st up is a Simple White Bread....Boring. Instead I went to www.kingarthurflour.com and ordered some good quality yeast and a sourdough starter. I'm hoping to have this soon and then I will begin the Great Cooking Project of 2009. More on this later!

The next project for 2009: Writing. This is a yearly resolution, but this year I've signed up for a correspondence class and I am nearly done with the first assignment. I think the story sucks, but that is besides the point that I finished it. I haven't sent it to my instructor yet, but I hope to have it in the mail on January 2, 2009 and I will write about her comments in the next few weeks.

Lastly, two new exercise items of note. Karl and I bought a ping pong table for Christmas and we are loving it. We play about an hour every night. Might not be aerobic necessarily but it is fun and keeps us off the computer and our asses! The other news is I ordered a hoola-hoop and hoopnotica DVD and should have them on the 2nd as well. I think this will be great fun, but then I thought that about belly dancing and kettlebells too....we shall see.

That's all for tonight. Less then an hour left of this day and so much more to do.

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