Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Starting a New Class

Ok so I promised myself I wouldn't use my credit card this year, yes it was a new years resolution, and only 19 days into the year and I've broken it, but for a very good reason. My other resolution was to get an agent in 2011, and to get an agent I'll need a book to sell and to get a book to sell I'll need some HELP, so I signed up for an 8 week class "How to Write the Breakout Novel" I already have the book and now that the I've stopped sneezing from blowing the dust off I've begun reading it, I want to be ready when the class starts. Its make or break time, I've already blown one resolution... this one I want to keep!

1 comment:

Cooking Girl said...

That's great! when does the class start? I think that this was an acceptable reason to break your resolution, especially, since you will be benefitting from it!!!