Monday, January 12, 2009

So it's more whispers than roars

OK I know the title of the blog seems a bit much considering I'm talking about baking bread and sewing aprons, but I'm still testing the waters, still feeling my way around the edges of this thing called blog. I started reading the Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging and I am learning lots, mostly I'm learning that I am completely our of my league. But then I have to remember what made me want to do this in the first place. It isn't to make a name for myself, or even to be recognized, it's about having a voice and a place to share my thoughts. I know that mostly this will be the whispers of a life maybe dull to many, but I am ready and willing to roar when needed. Right now I am just enjoying the waning days of the Bush years with a glimmer of hope. Yes the economy is in ruins, the country even the world in dire circumstances, but there is nothing people cannot accomplish with the proper guidance and leadership. Naive? perhaps, but at least for the next few weeks I'm going to allow my hope to live, I'm going to allow George W Bush to fade into the past, a time in our lives when we let opportunities pass, and failed ourselves and our country. George said today that History would judge his presidency and it will, lets just hope it has more courage then we did to the legacy that was left unexamined.

In short I believe George W Bush was the worst president this country ever saw, worse then just merely incompetent he was dangerous, unstable, reckless. And for my part for all my rages, and roars these past 8 years, in the end I did nothing to stop him, and while history may judge Mr. Bush, I too will be judged as will all of us.

Who will stand with President Barack Obama and not wait for miracles, but act, participate? I hope that I will. I hope that while I stood by and watched America smolder for 8 years, I will not give into complacency and cowardice, but will be strong and be an active participant in the rebuilding of my country.

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