Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LOST 5.2

Ok, so we start tonight with Desmond in an Asian village where he is running to find a doctor. Turns out Penny is having a baby, whom they name Charlie.

Two years in the future we follow Desmond to Oxford trying to find Daniel Faradays mother, what they find is an old girl friend locked in a coma, kept alive thru the generous Widmore. We are left to believe Faraday did a mind experiment gone wrong on Widmores dole. Desmond confronts Widmore and is giving Faradays mothers address in LA. He goes back to Penny and says that he doesn't have to do any more, but she knows Desmond will never rest unless he helps those on the island.

On the Island, Locke. Sawyer and Juliet have two hostages, we find out that they are others because one of them speaks Latin to the other and Juliet knows how to communicate with them. She convinces one that they need to speak to Richard Alpert. But the other one kills the other that agreed and escapes in the Jungle. Locke doesn't kill him and tells Sawyer it is because it is one of his people.

Daniel, Charlotte and the Asian man who's name I can't come up with, are captured by some others, who tell them that the trip wire that blew up the survivors they were with, was put there by there people. They take them to and army encampment, where Richard Alpert is, and he believes Daniel when he tells them that they are scientist with the army and they are there to pick up their hydrogen bomb.

Meanwhile Locke, Sawyer and Juliet arrive at the encampment. Sawyer and Juliet follow Daniel and a blond other to the bomb to diffuse it. Locke goes in search of Richard to give him the compass and find out how to get off the island to get the 6 back who are the Islands constant.

Richard takes the compass doesn't remember any of it. Locke tells him that he will be born in two years and he needs to go and see him when he is born. They time travel before Richard can tell him how to get off the island.

Charlotte has a seizure as the show ends.

I had to come back and edit my post because as I was logging off I realized I left out the most important piece to the puzzle. The guy who is captured by Sawyer, Locke and Juliet and then later escapes turns out to be Charles Widmore..... - I guess the theory that he was leader of the others before Ben holds true.

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